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Cassie Giesken

Landscape Designer

Fresh from the Buckeye State to the Volunteer State, Cassie Giesken is a Designer at Kiser Vogrin Design found her way into landscape architecture.

Now, as part of the KVD team, she creates and refines conceptual and detailed designs and communicates the finalized graphics and construction documents to our clients. Cassie couldn’t be happier to have found a career where she gets to work with a team of creative minds on projects that improve quality of life for others.

Cassie considers herself a big-picture person. She believes that every piece of a project should be designed to achieve a common goal and unified concept. And, with a million different ways to discover the right answers, she’s committed to taking the time to uncover something amazing in every design project she takes.

For Cassie, loving what she does keeps her motivated. It’s the little things she observes in nature that subconsciously relate back to the projects she’s working on at KVD. Outside of the office, Cassie enjoys taking weekend trips with friends and family going camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and just about anything outdoors.


The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture