Founded in 2010, Kiser + Vogrin Design is the joint endeavor of founders Dwight Kiser and Gary Vogrin —great friends who have successfully planned, designed, managed, entitled, and built projects together in Middle Tennessee since 1996. Leaning on this shared history, Dwight and Gary have grown KVD into a full-service landscape architecture and design firm that creates dynamic outdoor spaces throughout Middle Tennessee, the Southeast, and across the world.

From large-scale land planning and mixed-use developments to residential landscape design and many markets in between, we offer a variety of services to meet the specific needs of each client and each site. Our team of designers, landscape architects, site planners, and graphic designers provides innovative and sustainable project solutions. And we take pride in delivering quality in every line we draw, graphic we produce, and project we undertake.

Specific services include:

  • Pre-Development Due Diligence & Budgeting
  • Development Zoning & Permitting
  • Master and Specific Site Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Development Guidelines
  • Full Service Landscape Architectural Design
  • Construction Observation Services


Design is fuel for the KVD team—we call it our “Design DNA.” It’s the common strand that runs in our blood, and it allows us to harnesses our creative energy to produce solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients and protect the ground on which we’re privileged to work. KVD is committed to considering innovative techniques, protecting the environment, developing sustainable plans, and exploring design possibilities in each project we take.

We believe that taking the safe and easy path can prevent us from uncovering the unique and innovative solutions that bring out the spirit of our projects. That’s why we strive to create places that are truly different for those who experience them.

Our Core Values

Check out KVD’s Core Values to learn more about how we operate:   

    Solve our client’s problems with creative and beautiful design solutions while being resourceful and open-minded and embracing challenge as an adventure
  • Be Green
    Be a good steward of the land and resources that are available … it’s a responsibility for the benefit of those who will follow us
  • Innovate
    Be curious! Curiosity is a tool that helps you learn, grow, and evolve—aspire to greatness and continue to make yourself better
  • Bring Passion
    Believe in what you do and do what you believe; inspire greatness and make those around you better
  • Go See Stuff
    Go see and feel design! Learn from what you see and the successes and failures of others—whether that’s down the street or an ocean away
  • Communicate and Collaborate
    Build honest and open relationships with the team and our clients, and remember to share credit, succeed as a group, and enjoy rewards together
  • Provide Unmatched Client Service
    Keep clients happy! Client satisfaction is a key metric of our success
  • Possess an Unflagging Work Ethic
    Be determined, get the job done, and—on occasion—be willing to sacrifice personal time to create something you’re proud of
  • Have Fun
    Love what you do and have fun doing it—that means working hard and having a little team spirit
  • Be Humble
    Humility and greatness really can go hand in hand


KVD is pleased to have had several of our projects have been submitted for award considerations, and we’re proud of our recent accomplishments:

  •         2017 NAIOP Development of the Year – Capitol View, Nashville, TN
  •         ASLA Honor Award – Planning and Analysis, Mixed-Use – Ovation, Franklin, TN
  •         ASLA Honor Award – Planning and Analysis, Mixed-Use – Capitol View, Nashville, TN
  •         ASLA Honor Award – Natural Resource Conservation, Sustainable Design – Ovation, Franklin, TN
  •         ASLA Merit Award – Built Environment, Commercial – City Park, Brentwood, TN


From grizzled veterans to top rookies, KVD has assembled a talented and dedicated team with proven creativity, technical skill, and business acumen. We’re facilitators, managers, and coordinators—but, above all, we’re creative problem solvers. And our team of landscape architects and landscape designers contributes their unique and creative skills to the land planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and other services [link to Services] we’re known for at KVD.

Meet the team, and see for yourself.

Dwight E. Kiser
Dwight E. KiserFounder / President
Gary Vogrin
Gary VogrinFounding Partner
Diane King
Diane KingChief Financial Officer
Chris Wood
Chris WoodPartner
Katie Rudowsky
Katie RudowskyProject Manager
Alicia Haydon
Alicia HaydonLandscape Designer
Michael Broderick
Michael BroderickLandscape Designer
Cassie Giesken
Cassie GieskenLandscape Designer


Are you passionate about the land, about design, and—once in a while—willing to get home late to create something great? Then, we’re looking for someone just like you.

At KVD, we’re a tight-knit team of hard-working designers… we’re plant nerds, we’re landscape architects, we’re site planners, and we’re graphic designers. But above all, we’re creative problem solvers who love what we do—and we love to keep it casual and cool while we do it. That’s how we roll.


Innovation, sustainability, passion, exploration, and collaboration … these are some of the factors that drive KVD in every design project and space we create. Both internally and externally, these are the building blocks of our culture, and they’re critical to our continued success.

To learn more about working with KVD, the services we offer, or if you’re an allied professional looking for teaming opportunities or a design professional seeking to join our team, reach out to us. We look forward to talking with you!

Kiser + Vogrin Design, LLC

5005 Meridian, Suite 100, Franklin TN 37067
Phone: 615.708.0567
Email: kvd@kiservogrin.com